Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What I have been doing: Runtime templates and Content Management


There are two exciting things that I´m being doing lately: Content management has been improved a lot. Now the editors can edit large texts at runtime and see the result instantly. They have an edition panel with all the ordinary functionalities including uploading and linking images, edition of raw HTML and so on. Different users can have permissions for different sections. See the content of the home page of the MFlow demos. It has been created with this content management facility at runtime. The content management demo shows how it works.

After you have logged with the right user, to edit the text click on them. immediately, the panel above is activated and the content can be edited. At the end, clicking the save button, the edition facility and the panel disappear and the editor see the exact layout of the page. To edit it again, just refresh the page. The content is published immediately. for the public. The content is saved in the texts folder.

Very related with this, but more exciting and powerful, is the possibility to modify the layout of the active components at run-time. This means that no longer is necessary to define a layout before compilation for a formulary,  or for the arrangement of different widgets. Just create them without layout, and later the stylist will arrange the layout and the texts when the application is already tested. Then the layout never pollutes the code, and it may be decoupled also in time. he layout can be edited in a more powerful editor and inserted again and so on. As long as the designer do not modify the tags of forms and links created by the application, everithing goes fine. It can insert wathever content, formatting, apply styles etc.

This does not end here. There may be more than one layout,with more or less text, advertising etc depending o the device. For example,  a slim layout for mobile phones, other more heavy for PCs etc. This is something that I´m just developing now. T
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