Thursday, October 17, 2013

Change the content & layout of an active page with WYSIWYG at runtime?

It is possible modify the layout of the active components at run-time. This means that no longer is necessary to code a layout for a formulary,  or for the arrangement of different widgets. 

Just create them without layout, and later the people in charge of the layout and styles will arrange the layout and the texts when the application is already tested. Then the layout never pollutes the code, and it may be decoupled also in time. 

The layout can be edited in a more powerful editor and inserted again and so on. As long as the designer do not modify the tags of forms and links created by the application, everithing goes fine. It can insert wathever content, formatting, apply styles etc.

The validation errors in the formularies must be presented via Javascript however. The example uses a simple javascript alert to present an error when the message entered in the form field exceed a certain length

The example list the names entered in a input form, but at the same time it permits the edition of the three pages: The first page has links. There is a page with a form for entering a new name and the content of a list of results.It uses edTemplate and edTemplateList, two new primitives for template edition.

Log in as edituser/edituser to edit the pages using the login option. Log out to see the resulting layout. The edited layour has additional information about how it works.
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