Friday, November 15, 2013

10+ things that you can do with MFlow and you can't with your Web framework

  1. Create test, integrate and install your logic without concern for layout. Edit your forms, widgets, style and content at run time.
  2. Convert your application from single page to multiple page and back with little code modifications
  3. Make forms that change their questions depending on your answers.
  4. Make a cascade menu with dynamic options programmatically in a single procedure
  5. Make an element of a page to refresh itself by adding a single statement
  6. Make an element to push its content with a simple modifier
  7. Press back as many times as you like by default
  8. Write a payment flow with some pages and seamlessly drop it whenever you need it
  9. Write an active page element with his own server code, JS, CSS in a single procedure and seamlessly drop it whenever you need it
  10. Write your routes and control logic as in a console application. No spaguetty callback code
  11. Transparently store and retrieve session data for as long as you wish
  12. Make all of this without writing a single line of javaScript code. Although you can add it.
  13. Make all of this in a type safe way. If your app compiles, it works.
  14. Make (almost) all of this work with or without javascript activated.
  15. Make all of this in an architecture that is horizontally scalable (although not implemented such scalabiltiy yet)

Quick Start : Basics for understanding and using MFlow
Quick Start 2 : how to modify an application to add dynamic effects: implicit ajax, push etc.

MFlow site:

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