Monday, January 14, 2013

Online MFlow demo

There is an online site where MFlow is running with some examples of some MFlow features:

This is the frontpage:

MFlow examples

About this menu (article)

  • Database Create, Store and retrieve lines of text from Amazon SimpleDB storage

  • PUSH
  • Push example A push widget in append mode receives input froma text box with autorefresh (article)
  • A push counter Show a countdown. Then goes to the main menu (article)

  • Execution traces for errorsproduces an error and show the complete execution trace (article)

  • REST navigation Navigates trough menus and a sucession of GET pages (article)
  • Stateful flow: shopping Add articles to a persistent shopping cart stored in the session log.getSessionData is read in the View monad to get the most recent shopping carteven when the back button has been pressed (article)
  • Stateful flow: Counter a persistent counter. It uses the same mechanism than shopping, but it is a more simple example

  • Increase an Int A loop that increases the Int value of a text box
  • Increase a String A loop that concatenate text in a text box
  • Select options A combo box
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons

  • Example of action, executed when a widget is validated
  • in page flow: sum of three numbers Page flows are monadic widgets that modifies themselves in the page (article)
  • Counter A page flow which increases a counter by using a callback (article)
  • Multicounter Page flow with many independent counters with autoRefresh, so they modify themselves in-place (article)
  • Combination of three dynamic widgets Combination of autoRefreshe'd widgets in the same page, with different behaviours (article)
  • Modal dialog A modal Dialog box with a form within a page flow

  • AJAX example A onclick event in a text box invokes a server procedure that increment the integer value (article)
  • autocomplete Example of autocomplete, a widget which takes the suggested values from a server procedure
  • autocomplete List Example of a widget that generates a set of return values, suggested by a autocomplete input box (article)
  • list edition Example of a widget that edit, update and delete a list of user-defined widgets
  • grid Example of the same widget In this case, containing a row of two fields, aranged in a table (article)
  • Content Management Example of the (basic) content management primitives defined in MFlow.Forms.Widgets

  • login/logout Example of using the login and/or logout
  • Prevent going back after a transaction Control backtracking to avoid navigating back to undo something that can not be undone. For example, a payment (article)
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